Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins comes to the Top Worldwide Streaming Platforms!

Exciting news for the fans, Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins joins the rest of the franchise on the worlds top streaming platforms: Sky, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Origins is currently available in cinemas across the UK, and now available to watch as an At Home Premiere!

Viewers get a chance to watch the latest film in the franchise for £13.99 in the comfort of their own homes. The film stars Vinnie Jones as Bernard O’Mahoney, and Keith Allen as Dave Simms. Craig Fairbrass returning in his role as Pat Tate, along side Terry Stone as Tony Tucker.

Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins


The origin story of how Tony Tucker, Rolfie, and Pat Tate unite to form their own firm…

Vinnie Jones joins the cast as Bernard O’Mahoney, a real-life character who was linked to one of the three men murdered in the infamous Range Rover killings. Alongside will be Terry Stone, Roland Manookian and Craig Fairbrass, who all reprise their leading roles from previous instalments in the franchise, along with Conor Benn.

Directed by Nick Nevern and co-written with Andrew Loveday who also produced this film.

Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins Premiere

Another successful premiere for the Rise of the Footsoldier franchise!

Cineworld, Leicester Square was over flowing with celebs and paparazzi all wanting to have a glimpse at the latest film in the franchise.

Director and co-writer Nick Nevern, producer and fellow co-writer Andrew Loveday stole the spotlight on the red carpet. Terry Stone attended with fellow actors Roland Manookian and Josh Myers who equally shone in the spotlight.

Many celebrities attended, along the likes of Love Islanders: Arabella Chi and Molly Smith; who gave a quick interview on the red carpet saying “I’m so excited to be here tonight, it’s crazy! Theres so many people here…”

More of the most recent cast of Love Island also attended, Rachel Finni, Amy Day and AJ Bunker. Jake Cornish and Lucinda Stafford also attended. Cornish spoke about the film in a quick interview on the red carpet “…So excited [for the premiere], can’t wait, lets have it!”

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TOWIE stars Dan Osborne attended alongside Clare and Chloe Brockett. Chris Hughes, who also starred in the film attended, loved up with his new girlfriend Annabelle Dimmcock. The pair stole the spotlight with their kiss in front of the cameras.

Inside the venue, speeches were made before the film started by Nevern and Loveday within the IMAX and Super Screen. Vinnie Jones, who unfortunately could not attend, was recorded on the big screen introducing the film and thanking the cast and crew.

After the film concluded (around 100 minutes) everyone at the premiere was invited to exclusive west end After Parties at Ruby Blues, just around the corner OR Maddox Club, Mayfair. The clubs were bursting with 80s pop music, flooded with celebrities and the public premiere ticket buyers. Bottles of champagne were popping, glasses overflowing and never empty. To find footage of the night, subscribe to our page on the Quack App!

‘The Boat’: Review

There is something about the ocean that can turn a mind to madness. Faced with the unending expanse, multiple protagonists (from films like Open WaterAll Is LostThe MercyCrowhurst and Adrift) have found themselves engaged in a fight not only against their environment, but with themselves. In this intriguing, impressive feature debut from Winston Azzopardi, however, one man finds himself driven to the edge not only by the elements, but also the very vessel on which he sails.

A clever, twisting, dialogue-free screenplay

Following The Boat’s premiere at Fantastic Fest, further festival interest should be strong; while the story may appeal to genre-skewing events, the high level of craft and talent on show here should see it secure more mainstream berths. With multiple-territory deals already secured,  it could be further buoyed by strong word of mouth.

On a beautiful summer’s day in Malta, an unnamed man (Joe Azzopardi) heads out to fish in his small row boat. All is idyllic until, suddenly, the weather turns and a thick fog descends. In the gloom, he butts up against a gleaming white yacht named the Aeolus — derived from the ancient Greek for ‘nimble’ — motionless in the water. Boarding, he finds the cabin utterly deserted; back on deck, he is shocked to find his own boat has vanished. He is adrift and alone, tiny against the horizon.

At this point, it seems as if The Boat is treading familiar waters. Yet, it’s not long before the clever, twisting, dialogue-free screenplay — co-written by Joe Azzopardi with his father Winston, who also directs — begins to reveal its hidden depths. While the sailor clearly has some serious maritime skills, slowly but surely events begin to conspire against him. The boat jerks at random, sending him flailing across the deck. The sails flap ominously, seemingly with a mind of their own. And, just as things can’t get any worse, a broken lock traps him in the tiny bathroom.

From this point, and within this miniscule space, the tension rises at a rate of knots. As a storm rages and the boat fills with water, the sailor must utilise both his experience and his tenacity;. It is soon apparent, however, that he is locked in a battle of wits; perhaps, as the occasional sounds of footsteps and knocking suggest, with an unseen foe, or perhaps even with the boat itself.  Subtle hints — bloody fingerprints, hidden food — suggest that he may not be the first to undergo such trauma; an angle that The Boat shares with 2009 nautical horror Triangle, which also takes place aboard a vessel called Aeolus.

As the only man on screen, and with minimal dialogue, Joe Azzopardi commands attention from the off. With the screenplay mercifully avoiding any soliloquies or rants, the physical and emotional toil of his predicament is instead etched on his face alongside the cuts and bruises. As bewilderment gives way to abject terror, and determination to desperation, the audience has no choice but to ride in his wake.

This is augmented by strong filmmaking craft. Cinematographer Marek Traskowski contrasts the stunning expanse of the seascape with the nightmarishly intimate proportions of the yacht to claustrophobic effect, while composer Lachlan Anderson’s emotive score works in harmony with both the relaxing undulations of the water and the sharp movements of the boat. Together with James Hayday’s expert sound design, which transforms the mundane —  ropes slapping against the mast, the creak of a floorboard — into the uncanny, the boat takes on an uneasy personality all its own.

WATCH: Hyped Maltese Thriller ‘The Boat’ Gets Its First Nail-Biting Trailer

Finally, the trailer for the much-awaited Maltese nautical thriller The Boat has appeared on Hollywood online magazine Deadline, and it offers up 100 raw, edge-of-your-seat seconds.

Directed by Winston Azzopardi, starring his son Joe and produced and written by the pair, The Boat is about a fisherman lost in deep mist who boards an abandoned sailboat. He goes below deck, but when he returns he finds his own boat has disappeared. As the vessel heads into unknown waters, his journey becomes all the more unpleasant.

The Boat is a fantastic film based on a simple idea,” Carnaby International President Tim Grohne had said of the production, and it sure as hell looks like it from this short trailer.

The Boat was filmed in the open Maltese seas as well as the world-famous tanks at Rinella, and was shot in 22 days.

Kicking off summer in style, The Boat had gotten international distribution by UK-based sales agent Carnaby International earlier this year.

Malta’s very own thriller is set to make its world premiere later this month at the prestigious Fantastic Fest film festival, the largest genre film festival in the US.

‘The Boat’: First Trailer For Lost At Sea Thriller Heading To Fantastic Fest

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the first trailer for low-budget thriller The Boat, which will get its world premiere at Austin’s upcoming Fantastic Fest.

The well-sold feature was written by father-and-son team Winston and Joe Azzopardi, with the former directing and the latter starring in the movie. It follows a lone fisherman who boards and explores an abandoned sailboat. Having found no signs of life, he emerges back on deck to discover that his own boat has disappeared. A nightmarish journey ensues as the vessel presses inexorably onward’s into unknown waters with him trapped on board.

Deals have previously closed in France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Latin America, South Korea and more. Winston Azzopardi was a co-producer on Brad Pitt-starrer Troy.

Carnaby Jumps on ‘Highway’ for International Sales

The film, which marks the sophomore feature of Irish writer-director Alexandra McGuinness, stars “Baby Driver” actress Eiza Gonzalez (pictured) and Lucy Fry, who starred in the first season of Stan original series “Wolf Creek.”

Fry and Gonzalez star as best friends living in a small desert town. While Heidi (Fry) is happy to dream her life away while working shifts at a local diner, Jane (Gonzalez) strives for a better life. But when Jane suddenly disappears Heidi sets out across the desert to find her, only to discover a world where reality and the borderless expanse of the desert intertwine.

The cast also includes John Hartnett, Christian Camargo, Blake Berris, Sheila Vand and Antonia Campbell-Hughes. Campbell-Hughes starred in McGuinness’ 2011 debut feature “Lotus Eaters.”


“Highway” is produced by Dominic Wright for Ripple World Pictures and Anna O’Malley and Eammon Cleary for TW Films. It is financed by GCI Films and the Irish Film Board.

Carnaby will present first footage from the film to international buyers in Cannes. CAA and Verve Ventures are co-representing North America.

Carnaby adds trio of genre titles to Cannes slate

Adventure thriller The Boatstars Joe Azzopardi as a lone fisherman who boards an abandoned sailboat. Discovering no signs of life, he emerges back on deck to find his own boat disappeared. The film, which is completed and screening to buyers in Cannes, is directed by Azzopardi’s father Winston Azzopardi.


Valentine is a superhero action vehicle directed by Agus Pestol and Ubay Fox. The film stars Estelle Linden in a role that showcases her martial arts skills. The story follows a café waitress who, after meeting a film director, embarks on a dangerous adventure as a vigilante.

Carnaby has also picked up Summit Fever, which starts Freddie Thorp in the story of a young English mountaineer who is lured to the Alps by his friend to help him conquer the ‘Big Three’ – the Matterhorn, the Eiger, and Mont Blanc, all over one summer. Shot at altitude in 4k by director Julian Gilbey, production began in January 2018, with further shooting planned for the summer. The script is being introduced to buyers at the market as casting continues.

President, international and production at Carnaby International, Tim Grohne said: “We are delighted to be able to include such a diverse range of European and International genre films on our slate this year, working with both emerging and established talent alike.”

AFM: ‘Rise Of The Footsoldier 3’ scores deals in Europe, Asia (exclusive)

Deals have concluded with Open Sesame for Japan; Feature Films for Australia and New Zealand (home entertainment); Sky for New Zealand (broadcast rights); Tanweer for Greece; and One2See for Benelux. Signature Entertainment is on board for the UK.

The third instalment of the home entertainment hit gets its market premiere screening at the American Film Market (AFM).

Starring many of the original cast, including Craig Fairbass (Cliffhanger) as protagonist Pat Tate, and Terry Stone (Plastic) as Tony Tucker, the film also features Happy Monday’s frontman Shaun Ryder who plays Mad Dog, a violent prison inmate, Union J’s JJ Hamblett, who plays a young Pat Tate, as well as Eastenders’ hard men Larry Lamb (Triangle) and Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake).

Directed by Zackary Alder (The Rise Of The Krays) with screenplay by Julian Gilbey, the film is produced by Carnaby International’s Andrew, Mike and Terry Loveday as well as Tiernan Hanby (Snow In Paradise).

Set in 1988, the story opens in Marbella with burgeoning Essex gangster Pat Tate trying to smuggle a batch of ecstasy tablets into the UK and infiltrate Southend nightclubs. Double crossed by his suppliers, Tate’s fortune soon takes a turn for the worse.

The original Rise Of The Footsoldier movie has sold more than one million physical copies in the UK alone and, according to Carnaby, continues to sell an average of 1,000 copies each month.Rise of the Footsoldier

AFM: ​FrightFest vampire horror ‘Redwood’ gets sales deal

Directed and written by Screen International’s Horror Rising Star nominee Tom Paton (Pandorica) and produced by Brussels-based Stern Pictures, the film charts the story of two backpackers in a secluded national park who disturb a nest of hungry vampires.

Cast includes Mike Beckingham (Birdwatcher), Tajana Nardone (Medici: Masters Of Florence) and Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor Nicholas Brendon.

The film, whose trailer has racked up more than 300,000 online views, will premiere to buyers at the American Film Market (AFM).

Paton said: “Redwood has received such a huge wave of attention from the genre scene, that it really needed the right partner to bring it to market. I couldn’t think of a better home than Carnaby and I’m excited to work with Andy and the team.”

Andrew Loveday, CEO, Carnaby International added: “We are enormously proud to be working alongside such a talented team on this picture. Following its world premiere at FrightFest, there’s been a real buzz about this feature and we’re excited to bring it to market.”


Sales deal for Irish comedy ‘Damo & Ivor: The Movie’

The film, which started as a YouTube skit before getting picked up for two seasons by broadcaster RTÉ, is scheduled to open in theaters across Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day 2018. Before then, Damo & Ivor: The Movie will be screened at the American Film Market next week.

Blue Ink Films and Parallel Films are co-producing the film with Ruth Carter as producer and Johanna Hogan and Alan Moloney as executive producers.

Following the lives of identical twin brothers separated at birth, the film picks up their story just as they’re about to embark on a journey across Ireland in search of their long lost brother, John Joe.

CEO of Carnaby International, Andrew Loveday, said: “We are enormously excited to be bringing Damo & Ivor to market. Andy Quirke is an inspired comedic writer and this really translates on screen in this laugh-out-loud funny and heart-warming picture.”

In addition to Quirke, who plays both Damo and Ivor, the film also stars Ruth McCabe (Philomena), Tina Kellegher (In The Name Of The Father) and Simon Delaney (The Conjuring 2).

The film is supported by the Irish Film Board, RTÉ and the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.

Directors Ronan and Rob Burke commented: “Carnaby has been passionate about our film from the start and we are so excited to be working with them. We would love Damo & Ivor to reach as wide an audience as possible and Carnaby are the perfect company to make this happen.”

Carnaby previously handed 2016 Irish comedy The Young Offenders.