AFM: ‘Rise Of The Footsoldier 3’ scores deals in Europe, Asia (exclusive)

Deals have concluded with Open Sesame for Japan; Feature Films for Australia and New Zealand (home entertainment); Sky for New Zealand (broadcast rights); Tanweer for Greece; and One2See for Benelux. Signature Entertainment is on board for the UK.

The third instalment of the home entertainment hit gets its market premiere screening at the American Film Market (AFM).

Starring many of the original cast, including Craig Fairbass (Cliffhanger) as protagonist Pat Tate, and Terry Stone (Plastic) as Tony Tucker, the film also features Happy Monday’s frontman Shaun Ryder who plays Mad Dog, a violent prison inmate, Union J’s JJ Hamblett, who plays a young Pat Tate, as well as Eastenders’ hard men Larry Lamb (Triangle) and Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake).

Directed by Zackary Alder (The Rise Of The Krays) with screenplay by Julian Gilbey, the film is produced by Carnaby International’s Andrew, Mike and Terry Loveday as well as Tiernan Hanby (Snow In Paradise).

Set in 1988, the story opens in Marbella with burgeoning Essex gangster Pat Tate trying to smuggle a batch of ecstasy tablets into the UK and infiltrate Southend nightclubs. Double crossed by his suppliers, Tate’s fortune soon takes a turn for the worse.

The original Rise Of The Footsoldier movie has sold more than one million physical copies in the UK alone and, according to Carnaby, continues to sell an average of 1,000 copies each month.Rise of the Footsoldier

AFM: ​FrightFest vampire horror ‘Redwood’ gets sales deal

Directed and written by Screen International’s Horror Rising Star nominee Tom Paton (Pandorica) and produced by Brussels-based Stern Pictures, the film charts the story of two backpackers in a secluded national park who disturb a nest of hungry vampires.

Cast includes Mike Beckingham (Birdwatcher), Tajana Nardone (Medici: Masters Of Florence) and Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor Nicholas Brendon.

The film, whose trailer has racked up more than 300,000 online views, will premiere to buyers at the American Film Market (AFM).

Paton said: “Redwood has received such a huge wave of attention from the genre scene, that it really needed the right partner to bring it to market. I couldn’t think of a better home than Carnaby and I’m excited to work with Andy and the team.”

Andrew Loveday, CEO, Carnaby International added: “We are enormously proud to be working alongside such a talented team on this picture. Following its world premiere at FrightFest, there’s been a real buzz about this feature and we’re excited to bring it to market.”


Sales deal for Irish comedy ‘Damo & Ivor: The Movie’

The film, which started as a YouTube skit before getting picked up for two seasons by broadcaster RTÉ, is scheduled to open in theaters across Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day 2018. Before then, Damo & Ivor: The Movie will be screened at the American Film Market next week.

Blue Ink Films and Parallel Films are co-producing the film with Ruth Carter as producer and Johanna Hogan and Alan Moloney as executive producers.

Following the lives of identical twin brothers separated at birth, the film picks up their story just as they’re about to embark on a journey across Ireland in search of their long lost brother, John Joe.

CEO of Carnaby International, Andrew Loveday, said: “We are enormously excited to be bringing Damo & Ivor to market. Andy Quirke is an inspired comedic writer and this really translates on screen in this laugh-out-loud funny and heart-warming picture.”

In addition to Quirke, who plays both Damo and Ivor, the film also stars Ruth McCabe (Philomena), Tina Kellegher (In The Name Of The Father) and Simon Delaney (The Conjuring 2).

The film is supported by the Irish Film Board, RTÉ and the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.

Directors Ronan and Rob Burke commented: “Carnaby has been passionate about our film from the start and we are so excited to be working with them. We would love Damo & Ivor to reach as wide an audience as possible and Carnaby are the perfect company to make this happen.”

Carnaby previously handed 2016 Irish comedy The Young Offenders.

Carnaby acquires Andrea Bocelli-narrated ice-skating doc ‘Intimissimi On Ice’

London-based sales outfit Carnaby International has acquired worldwide sales rights to ice-skating film Intimissimi On Ice: A Legend of Beauty.

The company is set to screen promo footage from the filmed event at the American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles from next week, which will act as its official sales launch.

The film, which was shot at The Arena Di Verona in Italy and is part of the Opera on Ice series of events, is narrated by Andrea Bocelli and combines opera and figure skating.

It also stars Japanese figure skating champion Shizuka Arakawa, American ice-dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and Canadian pair-skating duo Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford.

Director Damiano Michieletto said: “Working on this project with such amazing talent and people from all around the world was one of the highlights of my career.

“The beauty of this show and the amount of people who worked hard to make it happen is unlike anything I have ever seen in my career. We’re thrilled to be working with Carnaby to bring this incredible production to audiences worldwide.”

Andrew Loveday, joint CEO of Carnaby International, added: “I’m proud to be working alongside such a talented team on this phenomenal special event. We’re excited to bring this into the market.”


Carnaby’s AFM deal-making includes German ‘Offenders’ deal, ‘Kids’ sale to China

Carnaby’s first market with Irish comedy The Young Offenders saw deals for Germany (Studio Hamburg) and Former Yugoslavia (Discovery).

Coming-of-age drama Kids in Love, starring Cara Delevingne and Will Poulter, was acquired for China (Shanghai Shining Media) and Latin American Pay TV (CDC Network).

Action adventure title Mercury Plains, starring Scott Eastwood, closed a deal with Program Store for France.

Simon West’s forthcoming action comedy Salty, starring Antonio Banderas, sold to Tanweer for Greece.

Tanweer also bought parts 2 and 3 of the Rise of the Footsoldier crime franchise.

The Iggy Pop starring thriller Blood Orange sold to Sky for the UK.

Danny Dyer thriller Assassin sold to Trans World Associates for Japan.

Carnaby joint CEO Sean O’Kelly said, “This AFM seemed quiet in the Loews in terms of people milling around but, importantly, all of our buyers where there which enabled much more focused and productive sales meetings. It was a fruitful time for Carnaby on its completed titles and with three of our major titles nearing completion in the next few months we expect a very busy Berlinale.”

Carnaby’s Tania Sarra at Raindance Live Ammunition Panel


via Variety:

One of the more boisterous events in the Raindance line-up is Thursday’s Live Ammunition panel (6pm, Sept. 29, Screen 4m, Vue Piccadilly), now a festival staple and one of three such events run by the organisation every year, including an offshoot that takes place in the German capital during the Berlin film festival. Top three winning pitches each receive a £100 Raindance voucher and will gain entry into the second round of the ‘Perfect Pitches’ competition in February 2017, plus a chance to participate in a prize pool of £100,000 and for their production to be developed, produced and distributed.

This year’s panellists include Tania Sarra, director of international sales at Carnaby International; Dean Cross, Vue Cinema; producer Beau Rogers; Tara Barnett, sales co-ordinator at Fox Filmed Entertainment; and Stephen Fingleton, BIFA award-winning and Bafta-nominated writer/director of 2015’s apocalyptic drama “The Survivalist.”

But other than that, little can be predicted about the night, which is why events producer Georgina Bednar advises filmmakers to get there early. “We’ll start the queue an hour before,” she says. “Filmmakers arrive, they take a ticket, and the first 25 get to pitch. They can’t register their films in advance – they register on arrival their name, their email and their concept – so we genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s completely random.”

The nature of the projects is also random. “Feature films generally get pitched,” notes Bednar, “and the panel is made up of producers, distributors and filmmakers, so there is a more mainstream kind of angle usually. But the weird and the wonderful has also been pitched over time.”

As is now customary for every pitching session, there is a time limit, and Live Ammunition’s rules are stricter than many. “At some events, everyone gets to pitch for 90 seconds,” says Bednar, “and then it’s like a marathon event, which has its own charm. But because it’s a festival event we’re curtailing it a little bit, which means that 25 people will get to pitch for two minutes. They also put a fiver in a hat, so the winner takes the cash, as well as the accolade of winning. It means there’s a good fun, high-octane kind of atmosphere.”

So what do prospective pitchers need to know? “It’s the classic elevator pitch,” she says. “It’s got to be on point, and the aim is that this is proper industry-connecting. You should be going into this event thinking that your film is going to get made, you’re not just doing it for a laugh. It’s not just for show – films do come out of this. Keep it concise and professional, but you’re going to need that special twinkle to get the panel’s attention.” Above all, though, it’s an event that requires participants to keep a cool head. Says Bednar, “As much as it should be competitive, and the stakes are high, everyone should walk out shaking hands.”