Review round-up: BLOOD ORANGE



“Slickly staged and shot, this neo-noir deftly exploits its clichés… it teasingly intrigues, while Iggy Pop steals every scene.”

The Guardian:

“An entertainingly oversexed chamber piece with echoes of A Bigger Splash or La Piscine, the film unpeels layers of intrigue along with the clothes of its cast. It’s a promising debut for first-time director Toby Tobias.”

The Hollywood Reporter:

“There are echoes of Roman Polanski, Sam Peckinpah and Patricia Highsmith in these seductively amoral characters and their sexualized power games. Sergio Leone’s Spanish-shot spaghetti Westerns also exert an influence, notably in scenes of Pop wandering the parched sierra in cowboy hat and stubble, coolly blasting rabbits with a shotgun. “


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