Casting Cara Delevingne as Notting Hill party girl was ‘simple’ choice, says director


The team behind Cara Delevingne’s new film said it was a “simple” decision to cast her to play a Bohemian west London party girl.

The model-turned-actress plays one of a pair of sisters whose house becomes home to a crowd of well-heeled young Londoners in Kids In Love which was shot in and around Notting Hill and at celebrity hangout The Box.

Preston Thompson, who co-wrote the script with Sebastian De Souza, said casting Delevingne was part of the “dreamy experience” of making their first film.

He said: “She auditioned and she was the best, it was as simple as that.

“I wasn’t surprised, we had heard so many great things about her so we sent the script to her and she came in and auditioned and was great.”

Soho’s The Box stands in for fictional club The Drambuie, and Thompson added: “We filmed there the morning after a Snoop Dogg gig.”

The pair took their cast and cameras on to the streets of Notting Hill to capture the atmosphere of the carnival.

The film, which also stars Will Poulter and French actress Alma Jodorowsky, is out on August 26.

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