Carnaby links up with ex-Stealth chief

UK producer Carnaby International has partnered with the former CEO of Stealth Media to launch film and TV production, distribution and sales arms.

Sean O’Kelly, one of three co-founders of Stealth Media, will head the new divisions of Carnaby International, having left Stealth earlier this year.

Carnaby Film Distribution will encompass theatrical, digital, TV and DVD releases, with plans to distribute six to eight theatrical films each year.

Carnaby Film Sales, meanwhile, will focus on the worldwide sales of Carnaby International productions as well as third-party content.

O’Kelly, CEO of Carnaby Film Sales and Carnaby Film Distribution, said there was a gap in the market that left local independent filmmakers struggling to find homes for their films, and Carnaby’s new businesses would attempt to fill it.

“We have an aggressive growth plan in place with significant financial support for the next five years. We’re looking to acquire high-end commercial and quality content for both UK theatrical distribution and international sales,” added O’Kelly.

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