Carnaby to sell Scorsese exec’d Tomorrow

London-based Carnaby Sales and Distribution has acquired worldwide sales rights to British feature Tomorrow, presented by Martin Scorsese.

The film, which began production in London last week, includes Stephen Fry amongst its cast and marks the directional debut of Martha Pinson, Scorsese’s script supervisor since The Aviator in 2004.

The deal was secured by Carnaby joint CEO Sean O’Kelly with Roaring Mouse Productions’ Sebastian Street, Stuart Brennan, and Dean Woodford as part of a three-picture deal.

Carnaby will handle worldwide rights for the film, excluding the US, which is being handled by William Morris Endeavor (WME).

Sales will launch at the American Film Market (AFM) (Nov 5-12), where Carnaby will screen the first footage from the film to select international buyers.

Produced by London-based Roaring Mouse Productions and Studio 82, Tomorrow marks the first British film to be executive produced by Scorsese.

The script has been written by Stuart Brennan and Sebastian Street who produce alongside Dean M. Woodford. Executive producers are Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Scorsese and Carnaby joint CEO’s Sean O’Kelly and Andrew Loveday.

The film, about the difficulty soldiers experience after returning from war, will star Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance), Sebastian Street (Age of Heroes), Stuart Brennan (Risen), Sophie Kennedy-Clark (NymphomaniacPhilomena), Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones) and Joss Stone (The Tudors).

Carnaby to sponsor Marbella International Film Festival

Carnaby Sales and Distribution are pleased to announce their sponsorship of MARBELLA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2014 this October. In its ninth year, the annual event is the flagship project of the New World Trust, promoting and providing support for new creative talent within the film industry.

CEO Andrew Loveday will be speaking in a seminar on the closing day of the festival to offer his expertise on film finance, sales and distribution.

For more information, please visit:

Cannes pays tribute to ace DoP Vilmos Zsigmond

Revered Hungarian-American cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, winner of an Oscar in 1978 for lensing “Close Enounters of the Third Kind,” will be honored at Cannes with the Pierre Angenieux Excellence in Cinematography award.

Cannes will pay tribute to Zsigmond’s career during a ceremony tomorrow, May 23, at 7.30 pm in the Palais des Festival’s Bunuel Theater. Plenty of industryites and talents he worked with are expected to attend, including Catherine Deneuve, Jerry Schatzberg, and John Boorman.

Born in 1930 and trained at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest, Vilmos Zsigmond went into self-imposed exile in the United States in 1956 after Hungary’s failed uprising against the Soviet regime. His career in Los Angeles took off after he worked with Robert Altman on “McCabe & Mrs Miller.” He has also lensed Michael Cimino’s “The Deer Hunter,” John Boorman’s “Deliverance” and three Woody Allen features, among many other works.

Angenieux is a specialist manufacturer of zoom lenses for moviemaking.

Carnaby launches slate of star-studded projects at Cannes

Carnaby International Sales & Distribution PLC are delighted to announce their next project – with Hungarian-American Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond – who is to be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement award on Friday 23rd May. This will be the highly anticipated ATATURK, which Carnaby is introducing to buyers at The Cannes International Film Festival 2014.  The $8.8m movie is a story of love, betrayal and revenge set against the turbulent backdrop of the Turkish war of independence.  Written and directed by Fuad Kavur, the Executive Producer is Anthony Waye, who has worked on no fewer than eight BOND movies.  In an extraordinary career spanning some six decades, Zsigmond’s outstanding credits include THE DEER HUNTER, HEAVEN’S GATE, CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND, THE LONG GOODBYE, BLOW OUT, DELIVERANCE, TALL DARK STRANGER and MELINDA & MELINDA.  ATATURK stars the young English Actor Jack Fox (THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY, FRESH MEAT), Edmund Kingsley (HUGO, BEAST, ALLIES), Terence Stamp (SUPERMAN II, PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT, VALKYRIE, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU), Sarah Gadon (A DANGEROUS METHOD, COSMOPOLIS), Daisy Bevan (TWO FACES OF JANUARY, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE), Miles Richardson (FLUSHED AWAY, THE BEST OFFER) and Julian Rhind Tutt (RUSH, THE HOUR, GREEN WING).

This live action family adventure, due to go into production in September, stars Anna Friel (PUSHING DAISIES, LIMITLESS, LAND OF THE LOST), Bill Nighy (LOVE ACTUALLY, HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) and Greg Wise (CRANFORD, JOHNNY ENGLISH, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY) in a modern reworking of the international classic.  Heidi is a free-spirited and rather curious twelve-year-old girl who lives an idyllic life with her Grandpa in his remote mountain cabin.  When the townsmen declare him an unsuitable guardian, Heidi is sent to the city to live as a companion to Clara, the daughter of a wealthy professor.  They become instant friends, but their fun is spoiled by a cruel governess who is hatching an evil plot… HEIDI is directed by John Henderson (BENIDORM, THE BORROWERS, SPY).

A family comedy with a very high profile cast to be announced soon.  Set in a time before legend… a time of war and magic, of princes, of warriors, of sorcerers and the battle between good and evil for supremacy of the world.  With his kingdom of Camelot now finally at peace, King Arthur can look forward to his much anticipated wedding.  But the sorceress Morgana has her own wicked plans.  The only hope for Camelot rests with Tom Thumb, one of the kingdom’s tiniest, but most resourceful, athletic, brave and clever citizens.  The director is Julian Kemp and the film is due to go into production in September 2014.

Action crime drama to star Alan Cumming, Luke Treadaway, Naya Rivera and Josh Charles with other names to be announced.  A crooked investment manager has been running a successful, rather lucrative scam for years, but when her luck runs out she plots an escape with $25m in stolen cash.  With Mafia money in the mix, she catches the attention of two organised crime detectives who need her to bring down major crime syndicates.  Unbeknownst to her, her informant wants a piece of the pie too and a series of hit men are on the money trail, each willing to risk all for A LOVE OF MONEY.  The film will be directed by Elliot Davis and is due to go into production in July 2014.

Carnaby International is also delighted to present this epic period gangster film at the Cannes International Film Festival 2014 for worldwide sales.  Based on the true story of London’s most feared and respected villains, twin brothers ‘Ronnie’ and ‘Reggie’ Kray, and with principal photography due to start in the UK in June, Carnaby has already kicked off pre-sales with Australia’s Jigsaw bagging the first distribution deal.

Major biographical crime drama based on the true story of Manuel Salazar who was wrongly convicted of the killing of a Chicago Police Officer and sentenced death.  It’s 1995 and   Salazar has spent 12 years on Illinois’ Death Row for a crime he did not commit.  After receiving inspirational messages from the anonymous Englishman Esterhazy, his talent for painting is magically ignited.  His paintings go on to inspire an international campaign for his release… The cast includes Edward James Olmos (TWO GUNS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, MIAMI VICE), Jimmy Smits (STAR WARS, WEST WING), Anamaria Marinca (4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS, EUROPA REPORT) and Efren Ramirez (CRANK, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE).  Director by Carlo Carlei (FLIGHT OF THE INNOCENT, FLUKE) and cinematographer David Tattersall (THE GREEN MILE, STAR WARS) are in talks to respectively helm and lens the film.  The Executive Producers are Ed Elbert, Edward James Olmos and Harvey Cooper.


Carnaby & Big Tree bring Bill Nighy, Greg Wise & Anna Friel to HEIDI

Stars confirmed to date include Bill Nighy (LOVE ACTUALLY, HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, UNDERWORLD), Greg Wise (CRANFORD, JOHNNY ENGLISH, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY) and Anna Friel (PUSHING DAISIES, LIMITLESS, LAND OF THE LOST), in a modern reworking of the international classic. Moreover Anna Friel’s daughter Gracie Ellen Mary Thewlis – nine in July – will make her acting debut in the film.

Heidi is a free-spirited and rather curious twelve year-old girl who lives an idyllic life with her Grandpa in his remote mountain cabin. When the townsmen declare him an unsuitable guardian, Heidi is sent to the city to live as a companion to Clara, the daughter of a wealthy professor. They become instant friends, but their fun is spoiled by a cruel governess who Heidi discovers is slowly poisoning Clara in an evil plot to marry the professor. The girls manage to escape and seek refuge with Grandpa. Hiding in a mysterious and ancient grotto called the Magic Pool, and with the governess hunting the girls down, Heidi promises Clara they are safe – but fate has other plans…
HEIDI AND THE MAGIC POOL will be directed by John Henderson (BENIDORM, THE BORROWERS, SPY, TALES OF THE RIVERBANK, LOCH NESS). The screenplay is by Paul Watson (IVCA Gold Award winner, ASSAULTED NUTS, PUSS IN BOOTS). The producer is Simon Wright (THE LAST OF THE BLONDE BOMBSHELLS, LUCKY JIM) who comments: “I’m delighted to introduce this really fresh and fun take on HEIDI to a whole new generation of family film goers.”

Carnaby launch ATATURK

On Friday 23rd May legendary Hungarian-American Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond will receive a Life Time Achievement Award from the 67th Cannes International Film Festival 2014.  In an extraordinary, Academy Award-winning career spanning some six decades, Zsigmond’s outstanding credits include THE DEER HUNTER and HEAVEN’S GATE directed by Michael Cimino, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and SUGARLAND EXPRESS by Steven Spielberg, THE LONG GOODBYE by Robert Altman, BLOW OUT by Brian de Palma, DELIVERANCE by John Boorman and TALL DARK STRANGER and MELINDA & MELINDA by Woody Allen.

Carnaby International Sales & Distribution PLC are delighted to announce that the next project on which he will be Director of Photography is the highly anticipated ATATURK, which Carnaby will be introducing to international buyers at Cannes.

Carnaby will be holding a cocktail reception and special presentation to celebrate the announcement of ATATURK on Thursday May 15th 6-8pm at 22 Boulevard de la Croisette, hosted by visionary Producer / Director Fuad Kavur, who has also written the screenplay, and renowned Executive Producer Anthony Waye, who has worked on no fewer than eight BOND movies, with Guest of Honour, Director of Photography Vilmos Szigmond.

The cocktail party will also be attended by ATATURK’S star, the young English Actor Jack Fox (THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY).  The film also stars Edmund Kingsley (HUGO, BEAST, ALLIES), Terence Stamp (SUPERMAN II, PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT, VALKYRIE, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU), Sarah Gadon (A DANGEROUS METHOD, COSMOPOLIS), Daisy Bevan (TWO FACES OF JANUARY, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE), Miles Richardson (FLUSHED AWAY, THE BEST OFFER) and Julian Rhind Tutt (RUSH, THE HOUR, GREEN WING).

ATATURK is about one of the true giants of the 20th Century, Kemal Ataturk, who in the 1920s single-handedly founded the modern secular republic of Turkey.  It is a story of love, betrayal and revenge, set against the turbulent backdrop of the War of Independence in the aftermath of the First World War, as the Allied powers  are posed to partition Turkey.  This is the story of two men, Kemal and Fuat, who start life as the best of friends but end up the worst of enemies.  Kemal’s brief but passionate affair with the sensuous American journalist Louise, the sudden arrival of Ismet, an old comrade in arms and the ensuing power struggle set the scene for a fight to the death.  Victory at war is followed by the fairytale marriage of Kemal to a young and beautiful Turkish heiress with a $1m dowry.  As one friend Kemal achieves political power and sets his country on a course to modernism, the other, conservative and religious Fuat plots to assassinate him…

ATATURK is an Anglo-Hungarian co-production to be filmed entirely in Hungary, except for one week in Istanbul.  The principal photography will start in October at ORIGO Film Studios in Budapest, whose owner, Greg Szetlik is the producer of the film.

Fuad Kavur says: “The story of ATATURK is about the triumph of Good over Evil.  Oddly, the idea to make the film was not mine.  It came from an old friend Branko Lustig, who was my First Assistant on MEMED MY HAWK.  Branko, an Auschwitz survivor, later went on to produce SCHINDLER’S LIST and GLADIATOR and won Oscars for both films.  He is an extraordinary man.  Although not a Turk but a Croatian Jew, he understood Ataturk instinctively.  For Branko understands good versus evil.  The goodness of Kemal Ataturk, a man who sacrificed himself for the Turkish nation, lies in the fact that he did not rely on any dogmas.  Ataturk wanted his people to understand that each individual is free to choose their own destiny.  Of course his policies ruffled some feathers and made him enemies.  Just as well, for without that there would be no screenplay: the essence of all drama is conflict!”

Sean O’Kelly comments: “Academy Award winner Vilmos Zsigmond is one of the most influential cinematographers in history and his extraordinary achievements are being recognised at Cannes this year.  Carnaby International are absolutely delighted to be working with him on the major motion picture ATATURK.  Carnaby hit the ground running when we launched the company at the Berlin Film Festival in February this year, and I am confident we will be an even stronger presence at the Cannes International Film Festival 2014.”


Review: I, SUPERBIKER, THE WAR FOR FOUR (**** The Telegraph)

The fourth installment of the I, Superbiker series, The War for Four, is released in selected cinemas tomorrow.

More documentary than the usual season review, the fourth instalment of the I, Superbiker series chronicles the 2013 MCE British Superbike Championship.

From the outset this was billed as a battle between two veterans of the series, Shane “Shakey” Byrne and Ryuichi Kiyonari to become the first four times winner of what is largely recognized as the best and most fiercely fought domestic superbike series in the world.

As has become the norm for the I, Superbiker series, the race footage is interspersed with behind the scenes action and interviews with racers, team members, family and friends.

What transpired over the season didn’t quite go to script, but as usual the racing provided thrills and spills aplenty. And the last round was real heart in mouth stuff and a fitting climax to the season’s racing.

The film lets you feel the enthusiasm of everyone involved in BSB. The snippets of commentary by James Whitam and Jack Bernicle, though obviously carefully selected, literally scream enthusiasm and passion from the screen.

Then there’s Mark Sloper, the film’s director who, when asked why he puts so much into these now annual productions, said: “I’m Mark the biker by name, I’ve been obsessed with bikes since I was three. My uncle Archie was a TT racer and when I was a boy I used to sit on his bike and imagine I was a racer. Now I’m a street biker with an Aprilia and still carry the racing bug. The sheer guts it takes to hang on to a 200mph superbike going into corners is why I love the excitement of bikes and the spectacle of close racing is breathtaking.”

It’s that kind of enthusiasm that makes this such a compelling series, and this latest instalment is arguably the best of all of them.

For details of where you can see The War for Four at the cinema from April 10 visit the I, Superbiker website.

This years MCE British Superbike Series kicks off at Brands Hatch in Kent over the Easter weekend. For more details and to buy tickets visit the MCE British Superbike website.

Review: I, SUPERBIKER: THE WAR FOR FOUR (Bike Sport News)

In cinema terms, the fourth film in any franchise is usually the point where it goes straight to DVD. Lord of the Rings was three, The Hobbit will be three, Star Wars should have remained at three although the sixth was the first/last three episodes’ saving grace. What JJ Abrams will do with the next trilogy is anyone’s guess.

It isn’t even often the sequel to a film is better than the original, The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part II being the exceptions the prove the rule. Part four of the Jaws franchise was the worst film ever made and made a mockery of Spielberg’s original – the film that coined (literally) the phrase summer blockbuster. Mark Sloper’s I, Superbiker series has now grown to its fourth incarnation, and it still amazes me how he manages to even get it into cinemas. That is not a reflection of the quality of the production, rather a reflection of how tough it is for an independent filmmaker to get their work shown – especially a film shot around such a niche subject. But get it shown he does.

War for Four’s premise was the battle between two three-time MCE British Superbike Champions, Shane Byrne and Ryuichi Kiyonari, and their scrap to be the first-ever four-time winner of the title. A good setup.

However, Kiyonari’s form over the early part of the season meant it became, well, not that. More the Tiff of Three. Those being Byrne, youngster Alex Lowes and Australian Josh Brookes, with some James Ellison thrown in for good measure.

Where WFF (as it shall be known) differs from the other three is a far more human approach to the business of motorcycle racing. Sloper’s delve into the history of eventual champion Lowes – and his twin brother Sam who was crowned World Supersport Champion in the same fortnight – gives a more heartfelt view on the struggle, work and expense of making it to the top.

Contained within is the story of the Bridewells. Tommy, who went from a top-ten man to podium contender in 2013 and secured a factory Milwaukee Yamaha ride along the way, lost his brother Ollie in a race crash and Sloper captures beautifully the wrench it caused and the fallout, the family coming to terms with what happened and Tommy’s determination to get to the top in the name of his sibling.

What WFF is not is a typical season review. Of course, there are those elements to it, but it is a far more rounded film in the nature of Rush – although more in a documentary fashion than Ron Howard’s Hunt/Lauda extravaganza.

WFF goes on general release on April 10. Click here for a complete cinema list. 

Carnaby closes first major deal of EFM for PANZER 88

Carnaby International Sales & Distribution is delighted to announce first major deals on PANZER 88 at EFM Berlinale 2014. Bobby Jones, President of leading distributor IPA Asia Pacific, has boarded the $40 million dollar action fantasy film for Thailand and Vietnam.

Jones is constantly on the look-out for big theatrical titles with strong story-lines, good scripts and fresh concepts. From the producers of Academy Award winning STAR WARS, ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER, the film is due to go into production in the UK and Canada in October 2014.

The producers are Gary Kurtz, Oscar-winning producer of STAR WARS, STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and AMERICAN GRAFFITI, and Ivor Powell (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, THE DUELLISTS). PANZER 88 is written and directed by cinematographer Peter Briggs, the co-writer of HELLBOY.

1944. The Eastern front of Russia. An invincible German King Tiger tank retreats across the icy tundra. Battle-weary, hungry and cold, its crack, five-man crew are unbroken. But a curious twist of fate means they reluctantly pick up a stranded SS officer. Unaware of his part in the massacre of the inhabitants of a local village, it proves a fatal decision as they become the prey of a vengeful and unstoppable mythical entity that hungers for their destruction. Behind the lens is the 5 time Oscar winning special effects company Weta Workshop (AVATAR, THE HOBBIT, LORD OF THE RINGS, DISTRICT 9, KING KONG), along with VFX company Prime Focus (WORLD WAR Z, TREE OF LIFE, X-MEN FIRST CLASS, TRON LEGACY, AVATAR).

The deal was negotiated between Tania Sarra, Carnaby’s Director of International Sales, and Bob Jones. Sean O’Kelly, CEO of Carnaby, adds: “We’re delighted to be working with IPA Asia Pacific. They are a first class distributor and a great distribution partner for the film.”

Other international buyers who have signed deals with Carnaby on the film to date are Monolith the leading independent film distributor in Poland, Blitz Film in the Former Yugoslavia, J&J Media in Korea and the Middle East’s leading film distributor Gulf Film. Carnaby are also in discussions with other major international territories.


Status: Completed
Genre: Sports Documentary
Director: Mark Sloper (The Final Cut & Small Time Obsession)
Featuring: Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne , Alex Lowes, Ryuichi Kiyonari, Josh Brookes, James Ellison, Tommy Bridewell
Narrated By: Murray Walker: the voice of British motorsport


I, Superbiker 4 trailer

I, Superbiker IV: The War for 4 follows the lead riders through the intense 2013 British Superbike Season, the most competitive and closely fought motorcycle championship in the world.

Racing over 12 rounds, with the electrifying showdown format, the title cannot be decided until the last thrilling race of the year at the famous Brands Hatch circuit.

Reigning title holder and three times champ Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne is very close to becoming the all-time most winning racer in the history of the sport, but only one man stands in his way – young title fighter Alex Lowes, twin of world champion super biker Sam . With his brother in the ascendancy on the world platform, Lowes is absolutely determined to steal the crown from Shakey. Can youth overcome experience? Only one thing is certain: anything can, and will probably happen.

iSuperbiker 1, 2 & 3

iSuperbiker 2 trailer