Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins comes to the Top Worldwide Streaming Platforms!

Exciting news for the fans, Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins joins the rest of the franchise on the worlds top streaming platforms: Sky, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Origins is currently available in cinemas across the UK, and now available to watch as an At Home Premiere!

Viewers get a chance to watch the latest film in the franchise for £13.99 in the comfort of their own homes. The film stars Vinnie Jones as Bernard O’Mahoney, and Keith Allen as Dave Simms. Craig Fairbrass returning in his role as Pat Tate, along side Terry Stone as Tony Tucker.

Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins


The origin story of how Tony Tucker, Rolfie, and Pat Tate unite to form their own firm…

Vinnie Jones joins the cast as Bernard O’Mahoney, a real-life character who was linked to one of the three men murdered in the infamous Range Rover killings. Alongside will be Terry Stone, Roland Manookian and Craig Fairbrass, who all reprise their leading roles from previous instalments in the franchise, along with Conor Benn.

Directed by Nick Nevern and co-written with Andrew Loveday who also produced this film.

Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins Premiere

Another successful premiere for the Rise of the Footsoldier franchise!

Cineworld, Leicester Square was over flowing with celebs and paparazzi all wanting to have a glimpse at the latest film in the franchise.

Director and co-writer Nick Nevern, producer and fellow co-writer Andrew Loveday stole the spotlight on the red carpet. Terry Stone attended with fellow actors Roland Manookian and Josh Myers who equally shone in the spotlight.

Many celebrities attended, along the likes of Love Islanders: Arabella Chi and Molly Smith; who gave a quick interview on the red carpet saying “I’m so excited to be here tonight, it’s crazy! Theres so many people here…”

More of the most recent cast of Love Island also attended, Rachel Finni, Amy Day and AJ Bunker. Jake Cornish and Lucinda Stafford also attended. Cornish spoke about the film in a quick interview on the red carpet “…So excited [for the premiere], can’t wait, lets have it!”

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TOWIE stars Dan Osborne attended alongside Clare and Chloe Brockett. Chris Hughes, who also starred in the film attended, loved up with his new girlfriend Annabelle Dimmcock. The pair stole the spotlight with their kiss in front of the cameras.

Inside the venue, speeches were made before the film started by Nevern and Loveday within the IMAX and Super Screen. Vinnie Jones, who unfortunately could not attend, was recorded on the big screen introducing the film and thanking the cast and crew.

After the film concluded (around 100 minutes) everyone at the premiere was invited to exclusive west end After Parties at Ruby Blues, just around the corner OR Maddox Club, Mayfair. The clubs were bursting with 80s pop music, flooded with celebrities and the public premiere ticket buyers. Bottles of champagne were popping, glasses overflowing and never empty. To find footage of the night, subscribe to our page on the Quack App!

Antonio Banderas’ ‘Gun Shy’ Aims to Crowdfund New Path to Success


Here’s how “Expendables 2” director Simon West tapped a “small group of bright kids” from Cambridge to help finance his new movie.


As the director of films like “Con Air” and “The Expendables 2,” Simon West has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Nicolas Cage and Sylvester Stallone. But for his latest film, “Gun Shy,” he tapped some less-famous people: He crowdfunded.

The Saban Films comedy (based on the Mark Haskell Smith novel “Salty”) stars Antonio Banderas as an aging rock star who battles rebels in the South American jungle to rescue his kidnapped wife (Olga Kurylenko). It’s the first time a major theatrical release has been crowdfunded, setting U.K. fundraising records along the way.

But West actually started out on the traditional path, looking for equity, before one of his early investors suggested looking into the wisdom — and wallets — of the crowd.

“I didn’t really know about crowdfunding,” West told TheWrap. “I’d heard of Kickstarter and I thought in the past there were just donations from fateful followers and they got a T-shirt or pen.”

But West learned that the rules in the U.K. are different, meaning that investors who participate in crowdfunding actually receive real equity in the project. (Last May, the U.S. legalized equity crowdfunding through the adoption of Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.)

After evaluating a few potential funding platforms, West and his team decided to go with SyndicateRoom, a company developed by a “small group of bright kids” from Cambridge University.


“They were very enthusiastic about putting a film project on the platform,” he said. “I suppose for them it was a very sexy sell. Instead of a new headache tablet, it was sort of ‘Hollywood goes to the platform.’”

He collected a diverse group of 164 investors. One was a film fan who worked at Radio Shack and scrounged to come up with the minimum investment of £3,000 (about $4,000.) West also won over one skeptic, a finance guy from the City of London who came to one of the few days of shooting in the U.K. to monitor his investment.

“He came with his defenses up — what are these slick Hollywood types doing with my money?” West said. “But he ended up being so enthusiastic, I ended up putting him in the film. Giving him a line.”


West was also able to get the rights to the novel the film was based on — and more — from Smith, the writer, in a highly unorthodox fashion.

“For a bottle of tequila — a good bottle of tequila — I got the option to the book rights and the first draft of the script,” West said.

West said he was pleasantly surprised by the success he had in meeting his fundraising targets, given how many internet ventures go awry. But he positioned himself for the best shot at success.

“I tried to choose a film that modestly budgeted with very broad appeal,” he said. “To give it its best chance. I wasn’t going to make a very obscure, small film that had a very small audience. I tried to make it commercial, broad appeal action-comedy.”

And as “Gun Shy” prepares to hit screens this weekend, that investment will start bearing fruit — and at least a theater full of very loyal fans.

“They’ve got a lottery ticket in their hand,” he said. “They’re actually real shareholders. And I’ve got 164 people who are going to see the movie.”


‘Gun Shy’ Starring Antonio Banderas Lands at Saban

Olga Kurylenko also stars in the film helmed by Simon West.


Saban Films has acquired North American distribution rights to Simon West’s Gun Shy, starring Antonio Banderas and Olga Kurylenko.

The action film was written by Toby Davies and Mark Haskell Smith. West and Jib Polhemus produced under the Simon West Productions banner alongside Harry Stourton.

Adapted from the novel also written by Haskell Smith, Gun Shy (formerly titled Salty) follows Turk Henry (Banderas), an aging mid-level rock star whose supermodel wife (Kurylenko) is suddenly kidnapped while they are vacationing in Chile. Accustomed to his extravagant lifestyle and lacking basic life skills, Turk finds himself perplexed in having to navigate the back alleys of Santiago and South American jungles to save his wife from the renegades.

Gun Shy is a supremely entertaining film,” said Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley. “Our audiences will delight in Antonio Banderas’ raucous performance and director Simon West’s unique and wild vision.”

Gun Shy will be released in theaters on Sept. 8 in key cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ness Saban and Bromiley negotiated the deal on behalf of Saban Films, with London-based Carnaby International handling worldwide rights.

Carnaby launches Middle East-set sci-fi ‘The Shrine’

UK sales outfit Carnaby International has acquired worldwide sales rights to sci-fi thriller The Shrine and will be introducing the project to buyers at Cannes.

Set against the backdrop of war in the middle east, when a US drone strikes a rebel convoy, a blackout engulfs the Syrian-Turkish border. The US and Turkish military team up to investigate, stumbling upon a shrine at a mosque in a deserted town. What they find buried beneath will test the soldiers’ faith.

Sebastian Pearson is producing for his banner Pearson Films, his previous credits include Snatch and Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels as an associate producer. Anthony Hickox (Waxwork, Hellraiser III) will direct and has penned the screenplay.

Production is slated for early 2018, with cast to be announced at a later date.

The deal was brokered by Carnaby’s joint CEO Sean O’Kelly with Seabastian Pearson.

Pearson commented: “Our original Idea was to take a high concept, action sci-fi idea and set it in a Mosque amongst the Syrian conflict to highlight the craziness of all religious prejudices. Much like Get Out used classic horror to highlight racism in the US”

Cannes: Nick Frost to Play ‘Captain Pugwash’ in Chinese-Backed Live-Action Movie


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock (4106675i) Nick Frost 'The Boxtrolls' film premiere, Los Angeles, America - 21 Sep 2014
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock (4106675i)
Nick Frost
‘The Boxtrolls’ film premiere, Los Angeles, America – 21 Sep 2014

British actor Nick Frost is set to play classic British children’s character “Captain Pugwash” in a live-action movie from Atticus Pictures, Carnaby International and China’s Costar Culture & Media. Carnaby is introducing the project to buyers at the Cannes Film Market this week.

“Besides Winston Churchill and Henry VIII, Captain Horatio Pugwash seems like a role I was born to play. I cannot wait to get going,” said Frost.

Frost will play the bumbling and cowardly pirate, created by John Ryan, who has been a British children’s favorite since first appearing as a comic strip in 1950. A black-and-white animated television series featuring the character first appeared on the BBC in 1957, running until 1966, followed by a color series which first aired in the mid-1970s. Another more recent animated version was produced in 1997.

The film will see the cowardly captain on a mission to rescue cabin boy Tom’s father, who has been marooned on a volcanic island with a hoard of treasure protected by an army of angry ghosts. Jason Flemyng has also been announced to appear.

Written and directed by John Hay, who won an International Emmy for best kids TV movie/miniseries for his 2011 television drama “Lost Christmas,” the film will be produced by Elliot Jenkins and Justin Johnson for Atticus Pictures alongside Andrew Loveday and Sean O’Kelly for Carnaby International and Jiang Jun for Costar Culture & Media. Costar and Carnaby will co-finance the project.

Pitchfork profile Blood Orange ahead of May 17th U.S. release: Iggy Pop Takes Up Arms


Iggy Pop is set to star in Blood Orange, a new thriller directed by Tony Tobias. It arrives May 17 via Invincible Pictures. The Stooge plays Bill, a dying rock star who lives with his wife Isabelle (Kacey Barnfield) in the Spanish countryside. One day, her vengeful ex Lucas (Ben Lamb) arrives on their property, demanding an inheritance he claims she stole from him. As his threats escalate, Bill must take up arms and defend his homestead. Watch him roam the countryside, snuggle with his wife, and whack his adversary in the head with the butt of his rifle in the trailer below.

Blood Orange isn’t the only upcoming film featuring the Stooges frontman. This summer, he’ll also star in Gutterdämmerung, Björn Tagemose’s “loudest silent movie on Earth” that also stars Grace Jones, Henry Rollins, Josh Homme, Jesse Hughes, Justice, Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, Slash, and more. Pop’s latest album, Post Pop Depression, is out now.