Interview: Martha Pinson on working with Scorsese & her new film Tomorrow

Last week Emily Murray caught up with Martha Pinson, an unsung talent that has been working in the film industry for years working with the likes of Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone, and is now directing her first film Tomorrow. We chatted to her about her expereinces in the industry working with the best directors, what she has learned from these directors and all about her first directorial Tomorrow.

Tell us about Tomorrow? What is it about and how did the project come about?

“Tomorrow” explores the difficulty of moving on from losses and injuries, to forge a life, to find sustaining work, and experience love.  This is an acute challenge for a person in their mid-late 20’s, which has not been extensively explored.  For an injured veteran or someone with health issues it is colossal.  The additional issue of a father-son estrangement is excellent.  A young woman who wants to have her own business or be an artist is also out on a high wire.  I am absolutely delighted to bring this story to life.

I met one of the producers, Dean Woodford, at a film festival in 2011, where my screenplay had won first prize.  He recommended me when the other producers, Stuart Brennan and Sebastian Street, were looking to hire a director.  I was hired, much to my delight.

Why did you choose Tomorrow as your first feature-length directorial film?

It was not my choice per se.  I was offered the job (a rare thing in our industry). It was so amazing, I loved the script and things proceeded from there.  Usually a director is the one to develop the project, raise the funds, so to be offered a job and not have to do all that was a great gift.

How did you go about assembling the brilliant cast, which includes the likes of Stephen Fry?

That was a long process, assisted by having Martin Scorsese on board as Executive Producer.  We have a wonderful Casting Director, Urvashi Chugani, who kept on it persistently for months.  The London team made suggestions and I did a lot of Skype calls with actors from New York.

How are you finding the challenge of directing a feature-length film? How different is it from directing a short, which you have done in the past?

I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything more than directing this film.  I’ve said a few times I feel like a kid in my tree house, making up a story. The joy of storytelling, working with actors, creating a scene, working with the whole camera team and everyone on set – it’s just what I love.

How did you get started in the film business?  What drew you to the industry?

As a student in high school and college, I was an artist, a writer, a modern dancer, a film buff, and an English Major.  When I graduated from college and was looking for work, it occurred to me that film was a good path because it combined all the arts I loved.  I handled the PR and advertising for an indie art house, the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge, MA, and we did very well.  Some directors whose films I launched said to me, “I made money based on the great job you did.  You have to work for me.”  No one in my family was in the business but I gradually met people and got a start.

You have worked in the film industry for many years. What have been your favourite experiences?

I’ve had so many it’s hard to say.  One day working with Lumet we had a big day in a busy mid-town Manhattan street.  The scenes included two stunts with trucks, cars, running around.  It was so well planned that we did 48 setups (shots) before lunch and went home.  Wow, so fast, so cool.

You work a lot with Martin Scorsese.  What is he like to work with?  Has he been supportive of Tomorrow?

Martin Scorsese is a genius, as everyone pretty much knows.  It is amazing to be there, working with him during Principal Photography.  His passion, artistry, knowledge, and dedication are astounding.  Yes, when I told him about the di- recting offer he said he was behind me 100% and asked to read the script.  He really liked it and, to support my work, signed on to Executive Produce.  He and his Producer, Emma Koskoff, have been very helpful with advice and introduc- tions.  He is supportive of other filmmakers; I’ve seen this many times.  He read several of my scripts over the years and watched my short.  I could not ask for more.

What other directors have you particularly enjoyed working with?  And why?

It’s hard to choose.  I enjoyed working with Sidney Lumet, Milos Forman, Peter Yates, Andrew Niccol, Oliver Stone, and Brian de Palma immensely.  They are all so brilliant and have unique styles.  I even worked with Kenneth Branagh, which was an honour.  Basically, I worked with directors whose work I’d admired intensely for years.  It was unbelievable in a way.  What I most enjoy is telling a good story visually and all of them were determined to do that as well.

What have you learned from other directors that is helping you in your first full- length directorial film?

Everything!  A couple of particulars are that I learned from Lumet the importance and technique of rehearsing with the cast prior to shooting.  I learned so much from Martin Scorsese that it would take pages to describe.  His annotated script, where he enters each shot he wants, is brilliant.  He evaluates the artistic strengths of every shot, adjusts as needed, before rolling.  The key thing, I learned is the conviction that my vision and my visual and artistic choices are valid and I have to develop and stick with them.  I have learned from several great directors to trust my taste and judgement because they did.

What is next for you after “Tomorrow”?

I have a lot of projects in development but first I will edit “Tomorrow,” get it finished and ready to go into release.  I have a miniseries I’m working on, and have been offered another film to direct – in New York City.  I’m working with a producer who is getting another one of my scripts out to his Hollywood contacts.  I have several other directing and writing projects at various stages so will keep going on all of them.

Tomorrow is planned to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2015

Heidi and the Magic Pool sells worldwide

Bill Nighy, Anna Friel and Greg Wise star in the family adventure that will shoot spring 2015.

A new spin on the Heidi franchise, starring Bill Nighy, Anna Friel and Greg Wise, has been sold throughout the world by Carnaby International.

Family adventure Heidi and the Magic Pool has been snapped up by one major distributor, which Carnaby declined to name, that comprises the UK; Australia and New Zealand; France; Benelux; the Czech Republic; Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland; Greece; Portugal; Slovakia; Scandinavia; India, Israel, South Africa, Turkey; Hong Kong; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam; and all of Latin America.

Carnaby International’s director of international sales, Tania Sarra, has also concluded deals with the Middle East (Gulf Film), Indonesia (Pt Prima Cinema), Spain (Flins y Piniculas) and the countries of the former Yugoslavia (Discovery).

Sarra says, “The robust response shows just how wide Heidi’s appeal is worldwide.”

Written by Paul Watson, (IVCA Gold Award Winner, Assaulted Nuts, Puss In Boots), HEIDI AND THE MAGIC POOL will be directed by BAFTA winner John Henderson (The Borrowers, Tales of the Riverbank, Loch Ness); and produced by Simon Wright (The Last of the Blonde Bombshells, Lucky Jim).  Executive Producers are Sean O’Kelly, Kirsty Bell and Andrew Loveday.

Carnaby has also announced an April 2015 start for the film, a UK-Hungarian co-production filming in both those countries.  Heidi stars Bill Nighy(Pirates of the Caribbean, Underworld, Love Actually) Golden Globe nominee Anna Friel (Good People, Limitless, You Will Meet A Dark Stranger) andGreg Wise (Effie Gray, Walking on Sunshine, Sense and Sensibility).  Carnaby are in discussions with Oscar winner Jim Broadbent (Iris, Moulin Rouge, Gangs of New York).

In this family-friendly tale, twelve year-old Heidi lives an idyllic life with her Grandpa in his remote mountain cabin. When the townsmen declare Grandpa an unsuitable guardian, Heidi must go to live as a companion to Clara – the daughter of a wealthy Professor in the city. Heidi and Clara become instant friends, but the cruel Governess, who Heidi discovers is slowly poisoning Clara in order to marry the Professor, spoils their fun. The girls manage to escape and seek refuge in a remote, ancient and mysterious grotto called the Magic Pool. With the Governess hunting the girls down, Heidi promises Clara they are safe, but fate has other plans.

With two world premieres, eight films in production, as well as its first-ever major television series, Carnaby International are attending their second American Film Market this November with a high profile, varied line-up of exciting titles—and a growing reputation for pulling in A-list talent.

Joint Carnaby co-CEOs Andrew Loveday and Sean O’Kelly, along with Director of International Sales Tania Sarra and Head of Acquisitions Alex Tate, are in Santa Monica for AFM this November.

Carnaby International hosted CASUAL ENCOUNTERS post-premiere reception

BROOKLYN DECKER at Casual Encounters premiere party hosted by Carnaby International at 800MAIN, Venice Photo Credit, Michael Bezjian


Brooklyn Decker, Cole Payne, Sean O’Kelly, Andrew Loveday, Tania Sarra, Alex Tate attended the event Thursday November 6 2014 at 800MAIN, 800 Main St, Venice

The beautiful and very talented Brooklyn Decker posed for photographers alongside Carnaby International executives, the sales team for her new film CASUAL ENCOUNTERS, and producers from Traverse Media. Guests enjoyed the hospitality and atmosphere of 800MAIN, a gorgeous, 12000 sq ft multilevel modern industrial design by James Murez, sipping on cocktails from sponsors Penfolds Wine and Matua Wine and snacked on branded Carnaby popcorn and enjoying the talents of DJ Filthy Gorgeous.

As the night came to a close, guests went home with gift bags including Kevin Murphy hair products, Stolen Riches shoelaces, a gift card from Eluxe, and products from Stemology and Repechage


Carnaby International Announces Star-Studded Slate for AFM

With two world premieres, eight films in production, as well as its first-ever major television series, Carnaby International are attending their second American Film Market this November with a high profile, varied line-up of exciting titles—and a growing reputation for pulling in A-list talent.

Actors starring in Carnaby’s recent acquisitions include Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Match Point, Dracula, Bend It Like Beckham, Stonewall, Mission Impossible III), Danny Dyer (Vendetta, Dead Man Running), “Downton Abbey’s” Jessica Brown Findlay, with Martin Scorsese(Gangs of New York, Wolf of Wall Street) serving as executive producer on the much-anticipated TOMORROW.

Carnaby co-CEO Sean O’Kelly said “I’m extremely proud to be working alongside the likes of Martha Pinson, Martin Scorsese and of course the talented cast and crew on our films for AFM. This AFM marks a milestone for Carnaby and its continued rapid growth and success in the international sales arena.

“We are excited for the producers and up and coming talent that we have on board our films as well as the incredible established talent such as Stephen Fry, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Bill Nighy, to name but a few.”

DAMASCUS COVER, produced by Hannah Leader (Lucky Number Slevin, Gosford Park) and directed by Daniel Berk, is a tense espionage thriller set in Syria about a veteran spy sent undercover in Syria to smuggle a chemical weapons scientist and his family out of Damascus.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has recently been filming the hotly anticipated Stonewall, will be playing the lead role in the film.

Of Carnaby’s new-to-market titles, CASUAL ENCOUNTERS promises to attract attention at AFM this year.  Having its world premiere at the market, Carnaby will also be hosting a party after the film’s premiere screening. Starring Brooklyn Decker (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Battleship, Just Go With It) alongside Saturday Night Live alum Taran Killam (12 Years a Slave, “Saturday Night Live”), David Arquette (Scream, “Cougar Town”) and Mark Boone Junior (Memento, Batman Begins), the film is a quirky rom-com about the trials and tribulations of online dating in the 21st century.

Carnaby will also be hosting the world premiere of Danny Dyer’s latest film, ASSASSIN, written and directed by JK Amalou and executive produced by film legend Barbara De Fina (Casino, Goodfellas).  Dyer (Vendetta, Devil’s Playground, Dead Man Running) plays a ruthless killer for hire faced with an impossible decision: murder the girl he loves or be murdered himself.  He stars opposite Spandau Ballet brothers Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp, who are brought together on film for the first time since The Krays.

Crime action drama A LOVE OF MONEY is also soon to go into production, starring rising British actor Luke Treadaway (The Rise) – who will be playing opposite Jack O’Connell in Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut Unbroken this Christmas – alongside Alan Cumming (“The Good Wife,” GoldenEye). A LOVE OF MONEY is about a crooked female investment manager who plans to run away with $25M – yet soon finds herself on the run from hit men, crime detectives and mafia bosses. More A list cast to be announced over the coming fortnight.

Martin Scorsese presents TOMORROW, a feel-good drama starring Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), James Cosmo (“Game of Thrones,” Braveheart), Sebastian Street (Age of Heroes), Stuart Brennan (Risen), Sophie Kennedy-Clark (Nymphomaniac, Philomena) and Joss Stone (“The Tudors”), is produced by London-based Roaring Mouse Productions and Studio 82.  The first British film to be executive produced by film legend Martin Scorsese,TOMORROW marks the feature film directorial debut of his long-term script supervisor Martha Pinson.  The script was written by Stuart Brennan and Sebastian Street who are producers alongside Dean M. Woodford.  Emma Tillinger Koskoff and Carnaby joint CEO’s Sean O’Kelly and Andrew Loveday are executive producers alongside Scorsese. TOMORROW is currently shooting in London and Spain and will debuted in Cannes 2015.

Carnaby’s latest acquisition is the romantic drama EVERYTHING CARRIES ME TO YOU, which will also be introduced to buyers at AFM this November.  Set in present-day London, a promising young ballet dancer risks her career when she falls for a notable American photographer.  Written and directed by Emma Holly Jones and produced by Hilary Shor (The Butler, Paperboy, Children of Men)Tom Butterfield (Life at These Speeds).  The film stars Jessica Brown Findlay (Frankenstein, The Riot Club, Winters Tale), Matthew Rhys (Untitled John Wells Project, “The Americans,” “Brothers and Sisters”), Kate Walsh (Scary Movie 5, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Legion) and Freddie Fox, (Frankenstein, The Riot Club, The Three Musketeers).

Director Emma Holly Jones said “I am extremely lucky to be in the strong hands of Carnaby whilst experiencing my first AFM. ECMTY has been such a labor of love and it is so exciting for all involved to see it in the market place.”

Tania Sarra, Director of International Sales at Carnaby International Sales and Distribution, said,  “It’s such an honour to be working with producing legend Hilary Shor and Emma Holly Jones is one of the brightest youngest talents I’ve met! The initial response and support from top tier distributors has been overwhelming, I’ve no doubt that the film will achieve strong traction and sales here at AFM.”

BLOODORANGE is also being announced at this year’s market, starring Iggy Pop and executive produced by Colin Vaines (Gangs of New York, Breaking and Entering, Miss Potter, The Young Victoria, London Boulevard, Coriolanus, W.E, My Week with Marilyn, The Rum Diary).  The film is a sizzling, dangerous thriller set in Spain with principal photography beginning on 30th October.

MAGNUM OPUS, a new drama series, represents Carnaby’s first venture into television content and was acquired earlier this year. Directed by Timothy Gibbs and Ida Cuellar, the series is a slick political thriller with a distinctive neo-noir aesthetic. The story follows Sidney Porter, a CIA agent who spirals out of control, trading the love loyalty and lives of those closest to him for his own obsessive war of vengeance. The series, set deep in the shadows of Barcelona, is currently in production and the pilot is due for completion in 2015.

Carnaby will also be introducing PLAN Z, a zombie horror picture, directed and written by Stuart Brennan (Tomorrow), to AFM this year.  The film is in post-production and is due to be delivered early 2015.

Joint Carnaby co-CEOs Andrew Loveday and Sean O’Kelly, along with Director of International Sales Tania Sarra and Head of Acquisitions Alex Tate, are in Santa Monica for AFM this November.

‘Game of Thrones’ Actor James Cosmo Joins ‘Tomorrow’

Game of Thrones” actor James Cosmo has joined military drama “Tomorrow.” The film is exec produced by Martin Scorsese in his first venture into British filmmaking.

Previously announced cast includes Stephen Fry, Stephanie Leonidas, Sebastian Street, Stuart Brennan, Sophie Kennedy ­Clark, Paul Kaye and Joss Stone.

Scorsese’s longtime script supervisor Martha Pinson is making her feature directorial debut on “Tomorrow.

The script is written by Brennan and Street, who are producing alongside Dean M. Woodford. Emma Tillinger Koskoff is executive producing with Scorsese. Production companies are Roaring Mouse Productions and Studio 82.

The story explores the difficulty and loneliness soldiers encounter as they try to reintegrate into society having after serving their countries and deals with post-­traumatic stress disorder, HIV and AIDS.

The production, which is launching near the end of the U.K. combat mission in Afghanistan when British troops will be withdrawing after 13 years of fighting, is supporting the Help for Heroes charity.

Carnaby International will be selling international rights at the upcoming American Film Market.

Mipcom: Carnaby Introduces Timothy Gibb’s ‘Magnum Opus’

James Cosmo (“Game of Thrones”), Jamie Anderson (“The Contract”), Timothy Gibbs (“Project 12: The Bunker”) and Sam Douglas (“Snatch”) are attached to star in the multiple-character neo-noir spy thriller “Magnum Opus.”

An eight-part TV series charting a vengeance quest, sparked years before by the Lockerbie Pan Am flight 103 bombing, “Magnum Opus” is being brought onto the market at Mipcom by London-based Carnaby Intl. Sales and Distribution.

Gibbs and Spaniard Ida Cuellar (“La muerte de Otilia Ruiz”), direct separate episodes of what will be Carnaby’s first flagship TV series.

Arly Jover (“Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”), Marina Gatell (“39 +1”), Simon Brading  (“Red Lights”) and newcomer Godeliv V. Den Brandt are also attached.

“Magnum Opus” turns on a CIA operative, Sidney Porter, who spirals out of control, trading the love, loyalty and lives of those closest to him for his own obsessive war of vengeance, seeking retribution for his parents’ deaths on Pan Am Flight 103.

Written by Nicholl Fellowship Prize winner John Ciarlo (“Bend in the River”), Gibbs and Bob Brown (“Operation Phoenix”) is set up at The Alkeme Company, based out of L.A. and Barcelona, and Barcelona’s Somnium Films.

Gibbs, Somnium’s Valentina Chidichino and Simon Brading, a partner of Gibbs at Alkeme, produce.

A genuine neo-noir which is shot in color but is a throw-back to the great noir of the ‘40s and ‘50s, packing a lot of surprises, including a big final twist which pulls back empathy and warmth for the protagonist, the rawness of the series probably places in the subscription-based realm, series creator Gibbs said on the eve of Mipcom.

“The plot is simple but is character-driven and the relationship between the characters is complex,” he added.

“’Magnum Opus’ looks at a man who gradually develops into a pathological state. He’s pushed over the edge by events along the way and, after 25 years of research, takes vengeance into his own hands. He’s a hero and anti-hero. You can see his pain but we get to see a little of the dark underbelly of the human condition,” said Brown.

Financing for nearly all of the first season of the series has been raised via private equity from mostly the U.S. and U.K.  with just a small gap remaining and without the need to involve an anchor broadcaster, Gibbs told Variety on the eve of Mipcom.

“This is a genuinely independently produced TV series,” he said.

Footage for core scenes of a pilot has been shot. The remainder of the pilot’s principal photography will take place from January 15, 2015.

“We have gotten offers from some of the biggest, blue-chip distributors in the business to distribute ‘Magnum Opus,’ one company even wanted to buy it outright but Carnaby offered us the fairest of deals, and is small enough to recognize we need a true partnership but big enough to get the job done,” Gibbs said.

A specialist in neo-noir, music-vid and shorts helmer Ida Cuellar has made a large contribution to the neo-noir aesthetic of the series, Chidichino added.

Carnaby takes MIPCOM by storm

Carnaby International Sales and Distribution is enjoying a hugely successful market at MIPCOM this year, having introduced an impressive slate of new titles including the much anticipated television series, MAGNUM OPUS.

Set deep in the shadows of Barcelona, MAGNUM OPUS marks Carnaby’s first venture into television content.

A political thriller with a distinctive neo-noir aesthetic, the eight part series is a slick and exciting addition to the Carnaby catalogue. Directed by Emmy-nominated actor/writer/director Timothy Gibbs (One Life to Live) and Ida Cuellar (La muerte de Otilia Ruiz), and co-written by Nicholl Fellow Award recipient John Ciarlo (Bend in the River) and Bob Brown (Operation Phoenix), the series follows Sidney Porter (Gibbs) – a CIA agent who spirals out of control, fast. He is a man trading the love, loyalty and lives of those closest to him for his own obsessive war of vengeance, seeking retribution for the death of his parents on Pan Am Flight 103.

The series stars BAFTA-winner James Cosmo (Game of Thrones, Troy, Braveheart), Timothy Gibbs (Project 12: The Bunker), Jamie Anderson (The Contract), Arly Jover (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Olivier Award Winner Joe Dixon. The series is due for completion early 2015.

MAGNUM OPUS has been the focus of much attention at this year’s MIPCOM and buyers have shown a keen interest in the development of the series.

Other new titles include:


Also new to Carnaby’s slate is TOMORROW, a feel-good drama executive produced by film legend Martin Scorsese. Directed by Scorsese’s long-term script supervisor Martha Pinson, the film has a star-studded cast including Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), Stuart Brennan (Risen), Sebastian Street (Age of Heroes), Joss Stone (The Tudors), Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance) and Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena). Shooting began on 15th September in London and the film is due for completion in Spring 2015.



Currently in post-production and set to make its world premiere at AFM in November, CASUAL ENCOUNTERS is a hilarious new US rom-com starring Brooklyn Decker (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Battleship) alongside Saturday Night Live alum Taran Killam (12 Years a Slave), David Arquette (Scream, Cougar Town) David Krumholtz (10 Things I Hate About You) and Mark Boone Jr (Memento, Batman Begins).

When Justin’s (Taran Killam) girlfriend of five years leaves him heartbroken and embarrassed after a very public breakup, his helpful but somewhat misguided friends talk him into the strange world of online dating. With Decker playing Killam’s nerdy co-worker, sparks soon fly, proving that sometimes your perfect match is less than a click away.

Directed by Zackary Adler (I’m Reed Fish, Familiar Strangers) and produced by Cole Payne (Errors of the Human Body, Downloading Nancy), CASUAL ENCOUNERS is a comical take on finding love in the digital age.



Two years in the making, Carnaby’s vibrant and insightful documentary SALT BEEF & RYE is inspired by the colourful characters who frequent the world famous Brick Lane.

London’s reputation as the cultural hub of the world can be attributed in part to its deep-rooted history and diverse communities. SALT BEEF & RYE takes audiences on a tour through one of the city’s most influential streets. Hunting ground for the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, the infamous crime bosses, the Krays brothers and breeding ground for many of the nation’s political uprisings. SALT BEEF & RYE combines personal observations from the very inhabitants that call Brick Lane home with historical footage, painting a vibrate picture of a little street in a large city with a world of influence.



There’s only one rule in prison: watch your back.

CONVICT is a gritty drama set in the ancient and notorious Parramatta Prison, the oldest serving jail in Sydney, Australia. Ray Francis is an innocent man wrongly convicted of murder, desperate to see his fiancee again and trying to survive on the inside – dodging inmate gangs, sadistic guards and a corrupt warden.

Directed by and starring George Basha (The Combination), CONVICT is a steadfast, visceral insight into the struggle between innocence, corruption and power. Recently completed, the film is now out on DVD across Australia and New Zealand and will roll out in the UK next month.



ASSASSIN is a taut action-thriller starring the dream team of British crime cinema: Danny Dyer (East Enders, The Football Factory), Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp, reuniting the Kemp brothers for the first time since The Krays – the most successful independent DVD release in the UK of all time.


From the executive producers of Rise of the Footsoldier and directed by J.K Amalou (Deviation, Hard Men), ASSASSIN sees Dyer playing a cold, calculating and ruthlessly efficient contract killer – faced with the hardest decision of his life.


MIPCOM is one of the world’s largest entertainment markets and takes place annually in October in Cannes.




Carnaby to sell Scorsese exec’d Tomorrow

London-based Carnaby Sales and Distribution has acquired worldwide sales rights to British feature Tomorrow, presented by Martin Scorsese.

The film, which began production in London last week, includes Stephen Fry amongst its cast and marks the directional debut of Martha Pinson, Scorsese’s script supervisor since The Aviator in 2004.

The deal was secured by Carnaby joint CEO Sean O’Kelly with Roaring Mouse Productions’ Sebastian Street, Stuart Brennan, and Dean Woodford as part of a three-picture deal.

Carnaby will handle worldwide rights for the film, excluding the US, which is being handled by William Morris Endeavor (WME).

Sales will launch at the American Film Market (AFM) (Nov 5-12), where Carnaby will screen the first footage from the film to select international buyers.

Produced by London-based Roaring Mouse Productions and Studio 82, Tomorrow marks the first British film to be executive produced by Scorsese.

The script has been written by Stuart Brennan and Sebastian Street who produce alongside Dean M. Woodford. Executive producers are Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Scorsese and Carnaby joint CEO’s Sean O’Kelly and Andrew Loveday.

The film, about the difficulty soldiers experience after returning from war, will star Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance), Sebastian Street (Age of Heroes), Stuart Brennan (Risen), Sophie Kennedy-Clark (NymphomaniacPhilomena), Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones) and Joss Stone (The Tudors).

Carnaby to sponsor Marbella International Film Festival

Carnaby Sales and Distribution are pleased to announce their sponsorship of MARBELLA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2014 this October. In its ninth year, the annual event is the flagship project of the New World Trust, promoting and providing support for new creative talent within the film industry.

CEO Andrew Loveday will be speaking in a seminar on the closing day of the festival to offer his expertise on film finance, sales and distribution.

For more information, please visit:

Cannes pays tribute to ace DoP Vilmos Zsigmond

Revered Hungarian-American cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, winner of an Oscar in 1978 for lensing “Close Enounters of the Third Kind,” will be honored at Cannes with the Pierre Angenieux Excellence in Cinematography award.

Cannes will pay tribute to Zsigmond’s career during a ceremony tomorrow, May 23, at 7.30 pm in the Palais des Festival’s Bunuel Theater. Plenty of industryites and talents he worked with are expected to attend, including Catherine Deneuve, Jerry Schatzberg, and John Boorman.

Born in 1930 and trained at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest, Vilmos Zsigmond went into self-imposed exile in the United States in 1956 after Hungary’s failed uprising against the Soviet regime. His career in Los Angeles took off after he worked with Robert Altman on “McCabe & Mrs Miller.” He has also lensed Michael Cimino’s “The Deer Hunter,” John Boorman’s “Deliverance” and three Woody Allen features, among many other works.

Angenieux is a specialist manufacturer of zoom lenses for moviemaking.