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    Carnaby are pleased to offer a
    unique film investment opportunity
    which qualifies for the
    Enterprise Investment Scheme.
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    Carnaby International Sales & Distribution EIS is seeking to raise new investment.
    The investment will be used to produce, distribute and sell worldwide rights for a number of British and International feature films.
  • Cinema Screen
    Carnaby is an integrated independent production and sales company of high quality feature film, television, and multi-media properties.
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    Meet the Team
    ​Our Directors, CEOs and Executive Producers have experience at the highest level with production credits including Star Wars (Gary Kurtz), Alien (Ivor Powell) & Gangs Of New York (Colin Vaines)
  • ​Gary Kurtz
    ​Ivor Powell
    ​Colin Vaines
    ​Sean O'Kelly
    Star Wars
    Gangs of New York
    Magin Call
    Star Wars
    Empire Strikes Back
    ​Associate Producer
    Alien, Blade Runner
    The Duellists
    ​Executive Producer
    Gangs of New York
    My Week with Marilyn
    ​Executive Producer
    Iron Sky
    Margin Call
  • Explosion
    Building on Carnaby's
    existing portfolio of content.
    The company also includes an experienced in-house sales ensuring that CISD, the producer and the investors, will retain all film and sales rights.
    A Lonely Place to Die
    Rise of the Footsoldier
  • Melissa George
    Why invest in Carnaby?
    Britain has a vast pool of talented film-makers and actors and, with the help of your investment, Carnaby can bring outstanding home-grown writing, acting and production talent to the big screen
  • Last year Carnaby International production The Wee Man won two BAFTA awards and was nominated for a following two.
    Wee Man
    Wee Man
    Wee Man
    Wee Man
    Wee Man
  • Doghouse
    Attend the set
    An investment in the Company not only offers the opportunity for potential gain but also offers the opportunity to take part in a creative project.
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    Attend Film Festivals
    There may be opportunities for Investors to attend film ​industry market events such as the prestigious Cannes​ ​Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival...
  • Cannes Film Festival
    ​...enjoy red carpet film premieres, meet and greets with the talent and​ ​introductions to key industry figures at the Company’s ​VIP marketing events during the festivals.
  • We look forward to hearing from you...

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Key Summary Points

  • Minimum 5% commission/fees for investor introductions Acting as sales agent - estimated commission @ 15-20%
  • Acting as distributor - estimated commission @ 20% (UK only)
  • CISD retains control of entire rights and portfolio
  • Existing Carnaby portfolio included from outset (including Over 20 feature films)

Experienced Industry team:

  • Colin Vaines – Executive Producer (Gangs of New York, Cold Mountain)
  • Ivor Powell – Executive Producer (2001: A space Odyssey, Alien, Blade Runner)
  • Gary Kurtz - Executive Producer (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back)

Full Investor involvement – range of options depending on investments:

  • Day on set
  • Walk on parts
  • Industry Screenings and Premieres
  • Film Markets & Festivals

What is EIS?

Indirect assistance is provided by the UK government to film, among many other sectors, in the form of the ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT SCHEME (“EIS”) and the more recently established SEED ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT SCHEME (“SEIS”). These are tax incentives provided to UK tax payers to encourage them to invest in the production, and subsequent exploitation of a film. See ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT SCHEMES for more details.

Featured Current Project

Carnaby International are looking for investment in a number of exciting film projects, including Panzer 88.

Panzer 88

Panzer 88

From the producers of Academy Award winning STAR WARS, ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER, the film is due to go into production in the UK and Canada in October 2014.

The producers are Gary Kurtz, Oscar-winning producer of STAR WARS, STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and AMERICAN GRAFFITI, and Ivor Powell (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, THE DUELLISTS). PANZER 88 is written and directed by cinematographer Peter Briggs, the co-writer of HELLBOY.

1944. The Eastern front of Russia. An invincible German King Tiger tank retreats across the icy tundra. Battle-weary, hungry and cold, its crack, five-man crew are unbroken. But a curious twist of fate means they reluctantly pick up a stranded SS officer. Unaware of his part in the massacre of the inhabitants of a local village, it proves a fatal decision as they become the prey of a vengeful and unstoppable mythical entity that hungers for their destruction. Behind the lens is the 5 time Oscar winning special effects company Weta Workshop (AVATAR, THE HOBBIT, LORD OF THE RINGS, DISTRICT 9, KING KONG), along with VFX company Prime Focus (WORLD WAR Z, TREE OF LIFE, X-MEN FIRST CLASS, TRON LEGACY, AVATAR).

Investment Net Costs

Amount Invested

30% EIS Income
Tax Relief

28% EIS Capital
Gains Tax Deferral

Combining Both EIS
Income Tax Relief and CGT Deferral

Net Cost














































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